“Del Cigno” Estate

drone tenutawebAcetaia Malpighi “Del Cigno” Estate
At the outskirts of Modena, in via Pica n.310, it is located the Estate “Del Cigno”, owned  by Malpighi family, a magic place visited by 22 thousand people every year who want to discover the secrets about the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. Here tourists visit the vineyards and the Ancient Acetaia, accompanied by expert guides, to discover the accurate job which accompanies the productions techniques. They will also see the family treasure for oneself, which consists of over 2800 barrels, one of which belongs to the epoch of  Napoleon Bonaparte. Besides this, tourists can taste the best of the Malpighi production, guided toward the discovery of the special  flavor of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. The guided visits are free and open to everyone, in order to welcome individual visitors and groups both small and large. The guided visits representing a unique experience, a nice and relaxing way to be guided to the discovery of a unique and rare product, who belongs to an ancient culture, a universe of ancient flavors but more than ever contemporary.

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