Balsamic suggestions: our new recipe book

Acetaia Malpighi together with the Tradizione&Innovazione (Tradition&Innovation) for this new recipe book "Suggestioni Balsamiche" (Balsamic Suggestions) that follows a common thread: passion for the good food, for quality ingredients.
The passion and love for a tradition, like that of the Balsamic Vinegar, that espouses innovation in cooking thanks to the inspiration of six “non-professionals” (they define themselves like this, but in our opinion they are real chefs!) who love cooking revised recipes availing themselves of innovative techniques discovering new uses and applications for the products Acetaia Malpighi in cooking. 

From appetizers to desserts, ten recipes that create new suggestions in cooking: new stirrings, new applications of some products of our Collection. Innovation going hand in hand with tradition, a new alchemy of flavours and fragrances, that underline the main characteristic of our products, all based on cooked must: enhancing and not covering the flavour of each ingredient!


Entering into our philosophy means returning to the memory of a world in the past, made of ancient and genuine flavours, breathing in the future at the same time. 
A future in which the flavours of the world mix together creating brand new fusion harmonies, in which experimenting in cooking finds new contaminations while the desire to get back to our roots imposes the ancient sweet and sour delight.
A world in which Acetaia Malpighi accompanies the tradition as well as the most inventive experimentation in cooking.”  


Massimo Malpighi, president of Acetaia Malpighi



Download our recipe book and try these extraordinary recipes! 

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