White truffle

White truffle

The intense flavour of the white truffle combines with the delicacy of the White Dressing Malpighi creating a condiment able to give a special touch to any course.

Size: 100 ml glass bottle.

White truffle
White truffle

Organoleptic properties

Appearance Clear
Colour White
Fragrance Round and full

Strong, round, with aroma of white truffle

Density 1,22



Tips for use

To be tasted with egg noodles (tagliolini or fettuccine), butter and Parmesan cheese, linguine with tellina clams, crustaceans, fassona (veal sirloin) tartare, tortelli filled with pumpkin or with ricotta cheese, anchovies, bagna cauda (hot dip based on anchovies, olive oil and garlic), veal ribs.



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