It is a selection of Aceto Balsamico di Modena realized using the free-run must obtained from the grapes of ancient vines located in the farm "Tenuta Del Cigno" belonging to the Malpighi family, with the addition of just a 10% of wine vinegar aged for a long time.
These two ingredients are mixed and then they rest for a long time in small durmast oak barrels: the result is a 100% natural product, without any caramel, colouring agents or additives with a density 1,36.

Limited series product: this precious selection is contained inside a precious and elegant case.


Organoleptic properties

Organoleptic properties 




Intense dark brown


Round and full 


Velvety and well-balanced



Tips for use

Try it combined with small drops on Parmigiano Reggiano flakes, soft and mature cheeses, risotto, meat, fresh strawberries, sushi and sashimi.


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