170 years of passion and love for tradition

A letter from the 1850 in which Pietro Malpighi was copying the recipe to obtain “the original and genuine Vinegar”.
This letter was dedicated to his son Augusto , this is the beginning of the history of our Family.

We celebrate the 170 years of longevity thanks to this incredible document.
An original letter that declares our ancient tradition.



"Dear son Augusto,
this is the my recipe to produce the original and genuine vinegar: 5 wooden barrels, concentrated grape must, a very old   and thick vinegar, the long time the God gives to you and your descendant to taste this “Balsam”" .


Pietro Malpighi  october 1850



This year we celebrate the 170 years, five generations of history, one of the founder of the Consortium and one of the first to  believe in DOP .
Tradition and innovation, this is our philosophy, new products, original recipes, innovative packaging.
We invite our clients to discover how we produce the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP, you have the possibility to walk troughout our vineyard and to visit our ancient “Acetaie”  and our barrels containing the old vinegars.