Acetaia Malpighi in cooking

All the products Acetaia Malpighi derive from ingredients of excellent first quality: the typical Modenese grapes of the Malpighi estate.
The grapes of our vines are subject to a soft and slow crushing and a cooking with open vase on direct heat. The result of these first production steps is the must, basis and essence of all the products, with unique organoleptic characteristics, of the Acetaia Malpighi.

Acetaia Malpighi proposes an innovative and original range of products that invites to experiment and have fun in cooking, following your own emotions and fantasy, with a common thread: excellence. A millenary culture that mixes with innovation, a centuries-long tradition that melts with the most advanced gastronomic research.

Entering into our philosophy means returning to the memory of a world in the past, made of ancient and genuine flavours, breathing in the future at the same time. 
A future in which the flavours of the world mix together creating brand new fusion harmonies, in which experimenting in cooking always finds new contaminations while the desire to get back to our roots imposes the ancient sweet and sour delight.
A world in which Acetaia Malpighi accompanies the tradition as well as the most inventive experimentation in cooking.” 

Massimo Malpighi, president of Acetaia Malpighi

In Italy and abroad, the products of the Collection of Acetaia Malpighi can be found in the best wine bars, delicatessens and wine shops, in the most prestigious restaurants and hotels and in the most exclusive stores, as well as in our company showroom and in the showroom of our family’s Estate at the outskirts of Modena. Our company does not fail to serve customers also directly in Italy and abroad in case of need or of areas not covered by our distribution network.

To purchase the products of our Collection or to ask information concerning where it is possible to buy them:
tel. +39 059 465063 – tel. +39 059 467725



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