"Modena - the set": the project to enhance the experience of Modena as a cinematographic city

It is called "Modena, il Set" and is the exhibition project promoted by IDEAS4U Marketing & Communication by Maja Argenziano in collaboration with AICS (Italian Association of Culture and Sport) CP of Modena, with the patronage and support of the Municipality of Modena, the Province of Modena and Motor Valley.

The project aims to enhance the experience that the city has had as a privileged and prestigious "set" of the film "Ferrari" directed internationally by Michael Mann.


  • an exhibition focus in dual languages set up at our showroom in Piazza Roma in Modena, in the city's scenic living room
  • a series of events that, starting from the narrative of the film's screenplay, tell and celebrate the history of motor racing and the entrepreneurial excellence of the area and an ambitious journalistic project to collect testimonies on the history of motor racing, also in today's vision of current influencers of the automotive world.

The exhibition

In the exhibition, which can be visited free of charge until April 2025, it is possible to retrace the plot of the film, its protagonists, the places, the reference sporting year which is 1957, a "tragic" year for Ferrari, the context in which developed the history of the great builder of Modena, which is the one described and still current by the great writer Edmondo Berselli, or rather "that great piece of Emilia", or "an environmental infrastructure built by God himself to allow men to create the Ferrari”; then the character Enzo Ferrari described by Leo Turrini, from whom the passage of time has taken nothing away and indeed has sharpened his myth and who was a far-sighted visionary ancestor of Steve Jobs.

Also on display is a panel dedicated to the extraordinary work for the film and for the world of restoration by Carrozzeria Campana and a panel dedicated to the "Emilian table" as an opportunity for relationships and business also for the world of motoring - few know that the agreement between Ferrari and Pininfarina was signed in 1951 during a lunch in a restaurant in Tortona (we also recovered an old article documenting the story), finally the extraordinary international press review on this film production which sees Modena as the protagonist. Video clips with various stories are also played in rotation and symbolic objects are displayed such as the vintage cameras supplied to the production of the film for props by the Foto Vip shop in Modena.


The first event was held on Saturday 18 May, with the official inauguration of the project: a talk show moderated by Daniele Sirotti, director of the Blue Rose Theater school and with the participation of some protagonists who have lived the experience up close: Daniele Malavolta , director and screenwriter from Modena, who collaborated with the production, Sandro Grimaldi, Rita Campana designer of the Campana body shop who reproduced ten cars for the film, Claudio Onesti, cartoonist and extra (who also created wonderful caricatures of Mann, Penelope Cruz, Adam Driver, Patrick Dempsey, Shailene Woodley) Lodovico Corradini mechanic and extra, Milva Levoni costume designer, Stefano Carletti Firefighter and extra. In the events already held or scheduled, significant cars are also exhibited and the Lancia Aurelia B50 Cabriolet Pininfarina from the Soli Collection (in the film driven by the Maserati brothers), the Fiat 500C Belvedere of the collector Mario Bianchi (used in a scene with Penelope Cruz in Largo Garibaldi) and a Lancia Ardea from the 1950s, Candini Collection.

The next event on the calendar will be shortly and with the availability of an F1 simulator available to citizens and tourists for a free trial.

Info on calendar and program here: modenailset.it