Oil&Vinegar Box

An exclusive box, which combines two excellences of the Acetaia Malpighi Collection:

  • Balsamic Vinegar of Modena "Gold"‚Äčrealized using the must of grapes from our vines and wine vinegar produced by us, aged in Durmast Oak barrels. It has got a round and intense flavour, balanced sourness, high density. A one hundred percent natural product, without any caramel, colouring agents or additives.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil cold-pressed: a top-quality product 100% Made in Italy, with deep green colour and light reflection. A Fragrant perfume of ripe olives, savory and slightly spicy, with aromatic notes of dried fruit and a bitter taste. Like the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil it is easy to digest with acidity less than 0,2%.Suitable for refined palates, the best use is with simple dishes to enhance the perfume.

Size: 250 ml two glass bottle

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