Exquisite Reserve "Prelibato"

Prelibato Riserva

White Condiment obtained from the best Modenese Trebbiano grapes, the must of which ages for at least 8 years in Ash wood barrels.
With a velvety, intense and embracing flavour, it has got low sourness and harmonious fragrance.   

Size: 200 ml glass bottle.

Prelibato Riserva
Prelibato Riserva

Organoleptic properties

Appearance Clear
Colour  Straw-yellow with golden nuances
Fragrance Intense and full
Flavour Velvety, soft and fruity      
Density 1,30


Tips for use

Perfect when combined with all types of fish, both river and sea fish, crustaceans, shellfish and caviar.
Ultimate to enrich any kind of fish dish, from daily recipes to the most refined ones, surprising when used in small drops on fresh fruit.  


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