Exquisite "Prelibato Rosé"

Prelibato Rosè

Condiment based on must from Modenese Trebbiano and Ancellotta grapes, cultivated in the family vines, combined with rose essence taken from the plants in our Farm “Tenuta del Cigno”.
Prelibato Rosé (Exquisite Rosè) represents an innovative cooking concept, concerning fish in particular, through an original, refined and high-quality condiment. Prelibato Rosé (Exquisite Rosè) is a completely natural product.

Size: 200 ml glass bottle. 

Prelibato Rosè
Prelibato Rosè

Organoleptic properties

Appearance Clear
Colour  Rose-coloured  
Fragrance Fresh and fruity 
Flavour With a well-balanced aroma of rose     
Density 1,22


Tips for use

To be used raw on fish dishes, combined with fresh or grilled vegetables, crustaceans, shellfish and caviar or with fresh and canned fruit. To be tasted using plastic or white porcelain teaspoons not to alter its flavour.


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