The Balsamic culture in Taiwan, Taipei

Exporting the Balsamic culture all over the world, of this great excellence, is for us a source of pride and drive to carry on a thousand-year tradition: thanks to Envitaly for welcoming us once again and thanks to all future chefs who are intrigued by our products have made this trip to Taipei even more interesting!


Our Balsamic Vinegar IGP in Patavini, New York

Our Balsamic Vinegar IGP available at Patavini, the first food boutique in New York.

Progetto senza titolo

Lesson about Balsamico

Massimo Malpighi explains to the students of the IFSE Culinary Institute the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: a versatile product in the kitchen, whose use ranges from appetizers to desserts, but which can also only be tasted in small drops as something truly precious and unique!
Thanks as always to IFSE Culinary Institute for this important opportunity

Salone del Gusto ed. 2018

Acetaia Malpighi in the 2018 edition of Terra Madre – Salone del Gusto, an international food and wine event that brings together producers and artisans from the agri-food sector every two years in Turin.