Massimo Malpighi and his estate

An interview of Massimo Malpighi, the President of Acetaia Malpighi, from a modenese television “TV QUI” during the the programme “Mangiare e Bere”. Massimo Malpighi tells about the secret of the Family Malpighi regarding the production of the balsamic vinegar and he takes us to the estate of the Family in which they keep the old barrels.

Modena: the luxury trough Acetaia Malpighi

In Modena, one of the most prestigious estate in which is produced the “Black Gold” is the Tenuta del Cigno of the Malpighi Family, the blooming garden, the century trees, the swimming pool (with salt water) a sensation of relax and comfort. Behind of the Villa there are the “Acetaie” (vinegar cellar) guardians of the precious Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, the sweet and sour smell is in the air. More than 22,000 people visit the estate each year to know the real history of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. To discover the history, the secrets and the passion of the Malpighi Family, we suggest to see a video on, produced by House of Balsamic the associated firm in USA.