IGP box

IGP box

Special box with three versions of IGP Balsamic Vinegar of Modena obtained from cooked grape must and wine vinegar that age together in French oak barrels. They are 100% Made in Italy and the entire production cycle takes place internally; in fact Acetaia Malpighi uses its own grapes of the family vineyards. The grapes are harvested by hand then pressed together to obtain a juice which will be cooked and aged naturally in wooden barrels.

IGP Gold: high density 1,34. Sweet sour flavor, intense perfume. Suitable
on slivers of Parmigiano Reggiano with pears, strawberries, risotto, Scaloppina meats, foie gras, Carpaccio meat, fish tartare.

IGP Silver: middle density 1,28. Bright and limpid color. Suitable on risotto, vegetables, omelets, Buffalo Caprese, roast, Carpaccio meat, salads and fruit salads.

IGP Bronze: density 1,22. A versatile product to use daily on row, cooked or fried vegetables, salads, omelets, roasted meat, risotto, Buffalo Caprese.

Packaging: 250 ml glass bottle